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Tacler anució más de 600.000 publicaciones la semana pasada

Mientras que el número de personas en línea están aumentando de nuevo después de las vacaciones, también aumenta la cantidad de ofertas y solicitudes de compra (vea el resumen de la semana pasada al final de la noticia). Mientras tanto, el número de publicaciones totales en tacler, desde su lanzamiento hace un año, ha superado las 600.000 la semana pasada. Ahora nos fijamos el objetivo de 1 millón de mensajes. Tacler está esparando verte online!

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Ofertas y solicitudes de compra en twitter

Todo el contenido creado por el usuario en tacler se relaciona con el comercio, como los mensajes de compra y venta, y se actualiza diariamente en nuestra cuenta de twitter. Si usted es un usuario de twitter y también quiere seguir nuestras actualizaciones cuando están fuera de tacler, síganos en Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tacler_tweets

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Destacados de esta semana

WTS = desea vender, WTB = desea comprar, PM = Mensaje privado

  • Daniel Blanco (MOGALLA) Mogalla will start the season of citrus in a few days!!More information in: www.mogalla.com
  • Ronnie Mooreman (WEDE) WTS: Minneola Peru 16kg. 40x60 (cal 60/72) € 8.50 FOT Enschede
  • Werner Strauss (SABANA) WTB 1 pallet count 105 or 125 valencia / delta / midknight class 2. No stickers/wrapping. delivery to London tonight. PM for details please.
  • Beatriz Lenis (DISPER) Are you exporting your fruits or vegetables and you are asked for certain sizes or any other organoleptic properties? then you have to treat your crops with DISPER. Visit our web page http://www.disper.info/english
  • Marco Barbosa (CADILLOEU) WTS Mexican Limes size 54 - PM for more details or contact info@cadilloeurope.com
  • Erik Goedvolk (TIMMERMANS) WTB Pomelo 8/9/10 Cn / Vn
  • Africa Rubio (LOSFIORDOS) Oranges and Mandarines from Valencia morew datails contact me africarubio@aguasclaras.eu
  • Lucio Calabrese (LUCALA) WTB mandarines
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB ORANGES, may take a full truck, if price is good. Size 64/72/88, PM or juicymocow@gmail.com
  • Abdullah Hassan (FRESHFRUT) WTB 50 containers of valencia specially from south Africa , counts 72-88-105 in carton 15 kg 
  • Tim Stokes (JEMFRESH) WTB two trucks x64 oranges tim@jemfresh.com
  • Daniel Pereira (CADILLOEU) WTS Mexican Limes size 54 - PM for more details or contact info@cadilloeurope.com
  • Sergey Premachok (INTERFRUCT) WTB https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHg0OWVoZnJYWW9zeUFfdE1GWnJOYXc6MQ#gid=0
  • Davide Tolosano (FOODINVEST) WTS Valencia, Valencia Late, Salustiana departure Rotterdam. PM for our offer!
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB Grapefruits, cal. 30-55 , Ruby Red. Any good offers? PM or juciymoscow@gmail.com
  • JoseLuis Collado (ALQUIMIA) WTS: IWASAKI new season form SPAIN. Pls contact me at eurosales@alquimiafruits.com
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS lemons Arg 88/100/150/162 Special prices today 
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS fresh arr today mandarins 10 kg opentop and 14 kg opentop
  • Daniel Pereira (CADILLOEU) WTS Mexican Limes all sizes. For any info please contact me or email at info@cadilloeurope.com
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB Grapefruits, cal. 30-55 , Ruby Red. Any good offers? PM or juciymoscow@gmail.com
  • Alina Seceanu (ROMALDO) WTB: pomelo, lemons, oranges
  • Anıl Bölükbaşı (ALTUNGIDA) WTS We are selling citrus to England, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and other European countries. Our main customers are retail group of the this counties. You can send private messg after that we will more information to you
  • Joey Deen (DENIMPEX) Download Argentina Lemons.pdf
  • Mustafa Arslan (AKANCITRUS) WTS hello new citrus season will start in upcoming days.for mre info please PM.
  • David Lopez (CITRICOSAS) buenos dias CITRICOS ASUNCION LOPEZ (valencia) empieza la campaña can SATSUMA
  • Vincent Vernooij (TIMMERMANS)Looking for Star Ruby size 32 or 35
  • Francois Hugo (POMONAFR) Can anyone give us some update regarding the Market Situation for Citrus in Holland
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB red grapes
  • Quintin Hordijk (COOLFRESH) WTB Thompson Seedless 
  • Lucio Calabrese (LUCALA) wts grapees seedles
  • Michael Zagler (SELIMEX) WTS italian Red Globe grapes. Finest quality at best price.
  • Alexander Feulner (BIOKIWI) WTB italian Red Globe and Italia grapes. Please PM or email: agricollisanpaolo@gmail.com
  • Tim Stokes (JEMFRESH) Seeking Thompson 4.5kg format in ziplock bags. Also seeking Thompson 10x500g with no lid or detachable lidded punnets, no clamshells. For medium - long term seeking general offers from source for red and green seedless grapes. 10x500g, 4.5kg & 8.2kg. Full specs can be provided. tim@jemfresh.com
  • Michael Zagler (SELIMEX) WTS Italian Red Globe grapes, 4.5 or 5.0 kg for overseas markets.
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS Crimson Grape from Egypt any1 interest pls contact me shaimaa@global-fruit.net 
  • Ronnie Mooreman (WEDE) WTS:TRK Sultana (120pp. crt) fresh grapes, well colored! 
  • Bauke Derks (MKFOOD) Looking for cheap apples every kind !! for industrie use and bakery 
  • Ronnie Mooreman (WEDE) WTB: Nzld ENZA Jazz 100/110/120
  • Giuseppe Scarfone (FMG) WTS fresh Italian S.Maria, Green William, Max Red Bartlett and Conference. Available next week Abate Fetel! Other varieties as Comice, A.Kaiser, Packham's later on. Fruit Modena Group leader in Europe for Italian Pears http://www.fruitmodena.it/en/the-company/
  • Stefania Anconetani (STEFANIA) WTS italian GRANNY apples
  • Tim Stokes (JEMFRESH) WTB Royal Gala 70-75mm (requries TNC certificate & GlobalGap) tim@jemfresh.com also pink lady x110 & x120
  • Michael Zagler (SELIMEX) WTS: organic / bio apples Royal Gala 70/75 and 75/80 and other red varieties like Jonathan, Melodie, Rosana, Rubinola, Selena. We can send photos of for each variety.
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB Grany Smith apples from Serbia. size 70+, full truck, PM or email: juicymoscow@gmail.com 
  • Adrian Liu (HIGARLICS) WTS New crop Huaniu apple and ya pear 
  • Michael Zagler (SELIMEX) WTS organic apples red varieties 70/75, 75/80, 80/85. Please send PM or e-mail to michael.zagler@rizzi-group.com
  • Andrea Szalay (ROLE2003) WTS New crop chinese garlic duty paid and transit. The stock is in Holland. Please contact me role@enternet.hu
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS Special offer Sweet Potato Origin: Egypt Packed in 6 KG cartons Size L1 / L2 / EL Please contact us for a very sharp price !! Book your load !! shaimaa@global-fruit.net
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS pomegranate from Egypt any1 interest pls contact me shaimaa@global-fruit.net
  • Ron Jongejan (JAGUACY) Download 10_09_2012 Jaguacy Holland.pdf
  • Matt Mason (SANGABRIEL) WTB Green Skin Avocadoes, Fuetre or Rian. PM Please
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTS brazilian mellons galia and yhd
  • Veronica Maina (IRIONJEGA) WTS: tissue culture multiplied Flowers–Landscaping plants i.e. yucca. PM me or email, veronicawanjikumaina@yahoo.com 
  • Kenneth Meijer (NATTROPIC) WTS Spanish Osteen mango size 12. for offer please email me kenneth@naturaltropic.es
  • Veronica Tenesaca (FRULINE) Ask me for Papayas, green plantain: info@planfruline.com
  • Marco Barbosa (CADILLOEU) WTS Mexican Limes size 54 - PM for more details or contact info@cadilloeurope.com
  • Pedro Rodrigues (SANGABRIEL) WTS Physalis Colombia 12 x100g. pm for details **SPECIAL PRICE**
  • Nathalie Landazuri (COMBIFRUIT) WTS: papaya solosunrise Global gap certified
  • Ahmed Magdy (FARMEX) WTS Fresh Guava , Egypt Origin Ready for export to any destination Airports , premium quality for request please contact us : sales@farmexco.com
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTB ginger 13 kg 
  • Lauran Bossers (GREENFOOD) WTB Ginger, packed in 5 kg and 13 kg for loading next week. About 20 ton. Please sent me you offer to lauran@green-food.nl
  • Daniel Pereira (CADILLOEU) WTS Mexican Limes size 54 - PM for more details or contact info@cadilloeurope.com
  • Yohan Buddhika (SSSITLCOM) WTS King Coconut fresh Air freight. vegi@sssitl.com
  • Yohan Buddhika (SSSITLCOM) WTS Avacado Sri Lankan. vegi@sssitl.com
  • Marco Barbosa (CADILLOEU) WTS Colombian Passion Fruit - PM for more details
  • Alina Seceanu (ROMALDO) WTB: duty paid goods like lemons, oranges, pineapples, bananas
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTB limes 48
  • Youssif Soliman (ESHRAKAGR) WTS: we packing now pomegranate from Egypt,4.5kg N.W ,size 8 to 14, any one interesting PM me or contact on info@eshrakagreen.com
  • Ronnie Mooreman (WEDE) Download chileense kiwi.doc
  • Ronnie Mooreman (WEDE) WTS: CHIL KIWI GREEN*, 16 pall (120crt) cal 30/33/36 10kg ( very occasionally a sensitive in it) €7.00)
  • Tygho Kampschoer (IMPALA) WTB mango's size 8 loading in Holland, for today
  • Unni karuvally (UTD) Indian pomegranate unitedtradedesk@gmail.com
  • Luis Espinoza (FRUAGRO) anyone interested in Cherimoyas?
  • Ad Huijser (INNOVERDE) WTS Pomegranates 4kg from Israel of a super quality in sizes 7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14. Call or PM me for the best offer!! 
  • Daniel Pereira (CADILLOEU) WTS CR MD2 sizes 5/6/7/8 for any more info plese PM me or contact us at info@cadilloeurope.com
  • David Levy (FYINC) Costa Rican Pineapples available now in Moscow, email david@freshyagoda.com
  • Rakesh Bhurke (ONS) Loading Young Coconut , Arrival UK WK44
  • David Levy (FYINC) Peruvian Avocados Green Skinned Nabal Variety available now in Moscow, email david@freshyagoda.com
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB galia size 5 and yhd size 7 Brazil


  • Mile Trajkov (FRUCTOPOLI) WTS CUCUMBER long/ 7 kg pack carton box
  • Veronica Tenesaca (FRULINE) Looking for Cassava...write me: info@planfruline.com
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB full truck of paprica: red, yellow, green- mix. will pay 2.50 Euro per box 5 kg. PM or send juicymoscow@gmail.com
  • Autore Giombattista (AUTORE) available in packs of 50g dried oregano and crumbled in bags of 5kg
  • Matt Mason (SANGABRIEL) WTB Pumpkins, Cinderella variety. Full truck. PM Please
  • Ahmed Magdy (FARMEX) WTS Fresh sweet potato ready for export By Farmex company for request please contact us : sales@farmexco.com
  • Stefania Anconetani (STEFANIA) WTS PAprika from MAcedonia 
  • Jan ten Brink (JAGER) WTS: ICE BEG x10, 6kilo+
  • Mile Trajkov (FRUCTOPOLI) WTS tomato size 67/82 price 0.57eu
  • Yohan Buddhika (SSSITLCOM) WTS Button mushroom. Now harwesting in Sri Lanka.
  • Yohan Buddhika (SSSITLCOM) WTS Green Chillee from Sri Lanka. vegi@sssitl.com
  • Manuel Baides (ALQUIMIA) WTS butternut squash from Spain. All sizes eurosale@alquimiafruits.com and compras@alquimiafruits.com
  • Unni karuvally (UTD) Onion(Red,Rose) from India unitedtradedesk@gmail.com
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB Full track of capsicum, size 70+, 13 pallets - red, 13 pallets- yellow. Plain boxes. Need a BEST offer . PM or juicymoscow@gmail.com 
  • Bettina Apicella (BIOMAISTO) WTS ORGANIC SPINACH!! LOOSE__ ORE PACKED _ info@aziendabiologicamaisto.it
  • Simon Needham (SUNFRESH) WTB Organic Ramiro / Sweet Pointed Peppers 
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB avocado organic size 22
  • Bettina Apicella (BIOMAISTO) WTS RED CHARDS ORGANIC- LOOSE- ore mixed.. info@aziendabiologicamaisto.it
  • Gio Curiel (AMIGIO) WTS Organic Green caps NL 70/90mm and 80/100mm PM or mail me Gio@amigio.nl
  • Bettina Apicella (BIOMAISTO) WTS ORGANIC BABYSPINACH.. loose- packed in ounnits or bags, to all destinations..
  • Bettina Apicella (BIOMAISTO) WTS ORGANIC PARSLEY FLAT/CURLED- DILL AND OTHER ERBS ....info@aziendabiologicamaisto.it
  • Autore Giombattista (AUTORE) available in dried oregano sprigs in bags of 50 grams and 20 grams also crumbled in bags of 5kg


  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB 3 palltes , sice 5, gold, in Holland, please PM for the best offer or juicymoscow@gmail.com
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB size 10 pineaplles -10 pallets
  • Veronica Tenesaca (FRULINE) Hey Our Pineapples from Ecuador are waiting for you 5/6/7/8/9/10: info@planfruline.com
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS pineapples cal. 8/9
  • Alina Seceanu (ROMALDO) WTB: pineapples
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS fresh arr pineapples 9 pal. cal. 8 and 10 pal. cal. 9
  • Daniel Pereira (CADILLOEU) WTS CR MD2 sizes 5/6/7/8 for any more info plese PM me or contact us at info@cadilloeurope.com
  • David Levy (FYINC) Costa Rican Pineapples available now in Moscow, email david@freshyagoda.com


  • Allen wong (SHNF) Looking for Australian Mangoes. allen@nffruits.com
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB mango size 6 10 12 any variety
  • Unni karuvally (UTD) Looking for a importer In UK for pomegranate and mangoes.. unitedtradedesk@gmail.com
  • Mohamed mansour (EGYPT) Fresh Keitt Mango from Egypt If are you interested mohamedmansour971@gmail.com Skype: mohamedmansour971
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS Mango , Kieth , Kent from Egypt any 1 interest pls contact me ===) shaimaa@global-fruit.net 
  • Eryvan Pires (FRUITMARKT) WTS: Fruitmarket - House of Mangoes - Tommy Atkins and Palmer available
  • Albertus Steenbergen (POTIPORA)WTS Mango palmer FOT Rotterdam in the sizes 6 till 10 - ETA 17.09.12
  • Kenneth Meijer (NATTROPIC) WTS Spanish Osteen mango size 12. for an offer please contact me: kenneth@naturaltropic.es
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTB mango's T.A. cal. 8/9 ca 10 pal. 

  • Jasmine Shu (FINC) WTS: Fresh exotic mushroom: Brown Shimeji, White Shimeji, Shiitake, Eryngii, Enoki, Hakuraitake etc. from China.
  • Monika donegan (NWP6) WTS Fresh Button Mushrooms from India . Custom cut Frozen Mushrooms.Please contact monica.donegan@nwp6.com
  • Wim van Cuijk (CHFOOD) Are you looking for exclusive authentic packaging please contact us. All forms, materials and riclosable is possible. see www.abarka.nl

Fruta de hueso
  • Stefania Anconetani (STEFANIA) WTS angeleno plums 
  • Stefania Anconetani (STEFANIA) WTS Nectarins size A and B
  • Anamaria Trifu (SATBEPA) WTS flat peache and nectarins, PM or Email; exporta@olimpfruit.com
  • Jan-Willem Arts (WILKO) WTS: The last cherries of the season....from canada by air
  • Anamaria Trifu (SATBEPA) WTS: Peach and pears Abate Fetel, don´t hesitate to contact me at exporta@olimpfruit.com
  • Nesrine Khaled (MEDEST) WTS Egyptian pomegranates , Red colored, sweet with a professional packing and from best of Egyptian produce, prices are competitive, Please do not hesitate to contact us oranges@medestfruits.com and skype : medestfruits
  • Mirco zoffoli (MIFRUTTA) nectarins cal.a 0.80 €!!!! 80% red colors!!!!
  • Mile Trajkov (FRUCTOPOLI) wts peaches/ nectarines size A,AA price 0.69eu EXW

  • Amanda Douma (OOMENAGRO) WTS NEW CROP Dutch yellow and red onions, high quality! ----> Oomen Agro. Please, when you are interested, contact me here or send an email amanda@oomenagro.com. Thank you!
  • Eslam Elmissiry (ELRIYAD) we ready for garlic , onions , Pomegranate with best price
  • Davide Marmocchi (MARMOCCHID) Italian WHITE and RED onion high quality new production 2012 contact me davide@marmocchi.com 
  • Matteo Tomasini (TOMFARM) WTS premium italian white onions. Best quality! Contact me matteo.tomasini@tomasinienzo.it Thank you!


  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB ripen bananas in NL
  • Beatriz Lenis (DISPER) fruits or vegetables and you are asked for certain sizes or any other organoleptic properties? then you have to treat your crops with DISPER. Visit our web page http://www.disper.info/english
  • Veronica Maina (IRIONJEGA) WTS: tissue culture multiplied Flowers– i.e. Statice, Perezi, Orchids. House plants- i.e. Heart of Jesus. Landscaping plants i.e. yucca and food crops i.e. Bananas and Potatoes. PM me or email, veronicawanjikumaina@yahoo.com 
  • Miriam Barona (HOLACHICA) WTS High quality bananas from Ecuador, more information find me in miriam@holachica.com
  • Veronica Tenesaca (FRULINE) If you are looking for a good opportunity to buy Banana Cavendish from Ecuador do not hesitate to contact me: info@planfruline.com
  • Karen Silva Carrasco (HOLACHICA) WTS CAVENDISH BANANA PREMIUM QUALITY....skype: karen_holachica emial: karen@holachica.ec / karen_holachica@hotmail.com
  • Alex Radulescu (DELTAXE) WTS GREEN BANANAS 5 x container 1080 FOT SCHIEDAM (ROTTERDAM) this week arrival
  • Fathi Baisa (DROOP) WTB premium Banana 10 cont. fathibaisa@yahoo.com
  • Tygho Kampschoer (IMPALA) WTB plantain bananas, currently looking for EU stocks but also interested in full containers
  • Alex Radulescu (DELTAXE) what is price of bananas in ecuador
  • Crissanie Hipayo (BANANEROSA) Good day.. This is exporter of premium sweet cavendish bananas from philippines,we looking for importers of bananas in long term business.. thank you.
  • Alex Dobrynin (ASEKO) BANANA RIPENING TECHNOLOGIES: Ethylene generators, automatic controllers, thermometers, etc. Have a look at www.aseko.cz or contact me alex.dobrynin@aseko.cz

  • Veronica Maina (IRIONJEGA) WTS: tissue culture multiplied Potatoes. PM me or email, veronicawanjikumaina@yahoo.com 
  • Klemen Burgar (BARLE) wtb table potatoes light yellow or yellow flesh and washable potatoes, please send me an offer on e-mail: burgar.klemen@siol.net
  • James Bulford (RUSHGRPLTD) WTB 65+mm Potatoes in bulk or 1250kg bags.
  • Kostadin Daskalov (MEDIKS) WTB: riviera seeds 

Frutas del bosque
  • Nijs van Zuilen (BERRYBROS) WTS : Dutch red-currants .
  • David Levy (FYINC) looking for blueberrys origin Argentina and or uruguay, please email david@freshyagoda.com
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB 2 Tons of Blueberry for 38-th week. PM with best offer or juciymoscow@gmail.com 
  • Alejandro Grinner (ROCIO) WTS Blueberries IQF from Argentina, with BRC Certificate and HAACP. Mail: alejandro@rociodelsur.com

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