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Diario de negocios: ¡Nuevos miembros y nuevas ofertas cada semana!

Otro inicio lento de la semana con más actividad durante el martes. Prevemos que se darán as mismas circunstancias hasta mediados de septiembre, cuando todos los países tienen a sus hijos de vuelta al colegio. Mientras tanto, tacler continúa atrayendo nuevos miembros que cuelgan sus ofertas y demandas en la red, y están interesados en contactar con los usuarios más veteranos. Manténganse online y ofreced vuestra fruta cada día, así como vuestras listas diarias de precios!

Impresionante número de WTB el viernes pasado

A pesar de toda la tranquilidad en el mercado, el viernes pasado se dió un aumento repentino de las solicitudes de compra. Hemos empezado colocando todas las solicitudes de compra en nuestra página en facebook, para quien quiera seguirla:https://www.facebook.com/pages/tacler/132325270172950

destacados de esta semana:
WTS = quiere vender, WTB = quiere comprar, PM = Mensaje Privado
  • Nadir Zaptia (ADELFRESH) WTS KUMQUATS Air & Sea - Origin South Africa
  • Jan Mostert (JANOSKAMBV) WTS Fresh arrival Mexican limes, sizes 36-63 are available. Pls pm or send an email: [email protected]
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS lemons Arg 18 kg 100/113/138/150/162 6 kf 40/44/50 st 
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS mandarins Ellendales 10 kg opentop 60/66/72/80/90/100/110/120 14 kg 54/60/66/72/80/90
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS oranges Arg Valencia Late 15 kg 65/64/72/80/88/100/113
  • Giuseppe Ialuna (IALUNA) WTS : Dear Sir, we are manufacturers and wholesalers of Sicilian red oranges. [email protected]
  • Richard Emanuel (GLOBAL) WTS 15kilo x138 Rsa Lemons ex uk

  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS Available @ special price (( Grape Red Globe & Crimson )) any 1 interest pls contact me ===) [email protected]
  • Stavros Voutsinos (GRSTORIES) hello everybody.. [email protected]
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS available @ Special Price !!! Crimson Grape any 1 interest pls contact me [email protected]

  • Stefania Anconetani (STEFANIA) WTS italian best quality pears 
  • Agric Jiang (QDSHUNWANG) WTS fresh gala apple /ya pear carton pack [email protected]
  • Adrian Liu (HIGARLICS) WTS Chinese Res star apple and ya pear and crown pear 
  • Anamaria Trifu (SATBEPA) WTS: pears Ercolina and Conference, sweet and with a strong skin PM or [email protected]
  • Bauke Derks (MKFOOD) Looking for Pears in Blocks of 1cm x 1cm Who can help me !! [email protected]
  • Mile Trajkov (FRUCTOPOLI) WTS apples MUCU n GALA/ size 70+, 80+/ price 0,49eu/kg
  • Giuseppe Scarfone (FMG) WTS fresh Italian S.Maria, Green William and Max Red Bartlett. http://www.fruitmodena.it/en/the-company/
  • Africa Rubio (LOSFIORDOS) good morning i need pears offers in private. william and ercolini
  • Giacomo Zambelli (EFRUIT) wtb Apple and Pears BIO. contact me in pvt
  • Lauran Bossers (GREENFOOD) wtb Dutch or Belgium al kinds of pears and apples. Please sent you'r offer to [email protected]

  • Nadir Zaptia (ADELFRESH) WTS KUMQUATS Air & Sea - Origin South Africa
  • Jan Mostert (JANOSKAMBV) WTS Fresh arrival Mexican limes, sizes 36-63 are available. Pls pm or send an email: [email protected]
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS Fresh Pomegranate from Egypt any 1 interest pls contact me ==) [email protected]
  • Andrea Szalay (ROLE2003) WTS New crop chinese garlic, duty paid and transit.. [email protected]
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB: Pineapple Gold, supper sweet. [email protected]
  • Kenneth Meijer (NATTROPIC) WTS Tommy Atkins from Spain sizes 9/10/12 please PM me or email me [email protected]
  • Richard Avery (ABSOLUTEFP) WTS , Mangoes , Limes , Guava , Formosa , Golden , Tropicla Avocado from Brasil 
  • Richard Avery (ABSOLUTEFP) WTS from Ecuador Papaya 
  • Richard Avery (ABSOLUTEFP) WTS from Colombia Physalis and Passion Fruit 
  • Rob de Jong (BTSALES)WTB China eddo. send pictures first to [email protected]
  • Youssif Soliman (ESHRAKAGR) WTS:Fresh Pomegranate from Egypt,size 8 to 16 ,packing 4.5kg N.W carton ,any one interesting PM me OR contact me on: [email protected][email protected]
  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH) WTS Sweet Potatoes U.S.A.
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS pomegranate from Egypt any1 interest pls contact me ===) [email protected]
  • Youssif Soliman (ESHRAKAGR) WTS:Fresh Pomegranate from Egypt,size 8 to 16 ,packing 4.5kg N.W carton ,any one interesting PM me OR contact me on: [email protected][email protected]
  • Agric Jiang (QDSHUNWANG) WTS : 2012 fresh taro ,eddo , 40g+ carton ,meshbag via [email protected]
  • Menna Moustapha (MEDEST) wts : Pomegranate Sizes 350:500 gm / piece Pm Or Email at [email protected]
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) wts Guava from Egypt any 1 interest pls contact me ==) [email protected]
  • JoseLuis Collado (ALQUIMIA) wts POMEGRANATE from SPAIN, variety VALENCIAS, availables from next week

  • Rajiv Gupta (ONYX) WTB Table Potatoes for West Africa,Size 50+mm,Yellow skin and yellow flesh
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS Red onion Crop 2012 any 1 interest pls contact me [email protected]
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS any1 interest in Winter program for Green beans pls contact me ==) [email protected]
  • Wilberforce Ngugi (ROYPACK) WTS carrots (medium and baby) fresh. Pm or email [email protected][email protected]
  • Goga Octavian Manic (GALOCTA) WTB. www.sssitl.com
  • Igor Germanchuk (JUICYCO) WTB: Zuccini (courgette) - contact with best offer for fast sale : PM or [email protected]
  • Autore Giombattista (AUTORE) anyone interested in the programs for the fall winter season for herbs? sales.ronnie@gmail[email protected]
  • Danijela Dubravac Baban (OSATINALTD) anyone working for auchan?
  • Abdullah Hassan (FRESHFRUT) WTB carrots from Australia CIF Dammam we are gurangteed with CGIT and Coface , email :[email protected]
  • Luigi Bompadre (PIANURA) WTB Endivie Scarole
  • [email protected]
  • Alina Seceanu (ROMALDO) WTB: round tomatoes, size 67 - 72 mm
  • Roy Senoga (FRESHDE) any one interested in importing fresh fruits and vegetsblesfrom Uganda East africa, pls email me [email protected]
  • Gabriele raccah (UNIQUE) wtb: round tomatoes 67-72 for Israel.

[email protected]
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTB MANGO'S KENT/ KEITT CAL. 6/7/8/9 
  • Albertus Steenbergen (POTIPORA) WTS mango palmer size 12 - only 3 pallets available
  • Kenneth Meijer (NATTROPIC) WTS Tommy Atkins from Spain sizes 9/10/12 please PM me or email me [email protected]
  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH) WTS Mango Kent Israel Size 12 and 14
  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH) WTS Mango Kent/Lily Israel Size 12 and 14
  • Albertus Steenbergen (POTIPORA) wts Mango Brasil - Palmer and Tommy Atkins

  • Jasmine Shu (FINC) WTS: Fresh Exotic mushroms: Brown Shimeji, White Shimeji, Shiitake, Eryngii, Enoki, Hakuraitake etc. from China.


  • Stefania Anconetani (STEFANIA) WTS italian Santa MAria Pears 
  • Mariya Dermendzhieva (HARVESTY) WTS Nectarines.Origine Greece.PM me for details and prices
  • Jan-Willem Arts (WILKO) WTS: New arrival cherries just unloaded, variety is Stacatto from Canada by air. 
  • Mariya Dermendzhieva (HARVESTY) wts Greek nectarines. Layered and loose.,Very good quality and competitive prices. [email protected]


  • Amanda Douma (OOMENAGRO) WTS NEW CROP Dutch yellow and red onions, high quality! ----> Oomen Agro. Please, when you are interested, contact me here or send an email [email protected][email protected]
  • Olaf Meijer (GOURMETBV) WTS Red Onions / Garlic / Fresh Garlic / Shallots / Banana Shallots / White Onions / Sweet Onions / Pickle Onions in colour red / Pickle Onions in colour yellow / Pickle Onions in colour white. Please contact me on: [email protected]

  • Karen Silva Carrasco (HOLACHICA) WTS: Cavendish Banana Premium Quality!!... [email protected]
  • Miriam Barona (HOLACHICA) WTS: High Quality bananas from Ecuador, ask me to [email protected]

[email protected]Quien ya haya firmado un acuerdo de exposición antes de 13 de agosto.
Las empresas turcas: es SOLO para las empresas extranjeras.

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